Fairy Tale

The girl could not heal the pain
Of the void in her heart. Then she thought:
“Ah! I will find solace in my God,
Do His will like my sisters before me.
In Innocence and Good I will bathe,
Purify my heart in His bidding,
And He shall give me peace”.

Still, as she walked with her God,
She dreamed of far away places,
Of tunes to sing and harmonies to play
With such passion that cicadas
Would quiet and mocking birds cry.

One day, the Brujo saw her and felt her music.
“Who are you girl who charmed me with your flute?
Where do you come from and what gives you peace?
Never have I met such grace and innocence
So comely a smile or thoughtful a youth…
Come look at the stars with me and tell me your dreams”
He asked.

“I could tell you my joys and my fears”, she answered
“But Mamma says I should not talk to strangers,
She says they will eat me up and spit me out,
She says you sow pain and reap sorrows.
If you take me from my People, I shall die.”

“I am a Healer of hearts, a Mender of souls.
Hurt you, I never will; I do not lie.
I will give you strength while your people leave you…
Still, come look at the stars and tell me your dreams.
I have traveled many roads and grown weary of Riches
I have seen Power and Glory but turned away from these.
I am an honorable man; hurt you I never will.”

“Watch me with little children,” he said, “am I a monster?
Hear the music that I play, could I silence yours?
I cherish the way you are and will shelter you from ogres.
You are safer with me than with any other.
I will help you grow and fly and soar.
You are a jewel now, yet you will be more.
Beautiful girl with green eyes.

Please, stay by my side and share my dreams.
We will cross oceans and ride horses together,
We will lie down in far away places,
sing arias to angels and bathe in streams of pure joy
Until you do not remember another time without me.
I am a Healer and a Mender of souls,
But you enchant me.”

In the shadows of the moonless night,
Fanned by soft sea breezes,
Lulled by the water’s whispers of endless love,
She stood still and held her breath when the Healer took her
As she watched stars streak across the sky.

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Cloud watcher and dreamer sometimes wise, often foolish, but I am what I am.
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  1. PapaBear says:

    How did I ever miss this one, Emm? It’s another of your masterpieces and I loved it! !! 🙂


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