Cellular Memory and the Healer

In dimmed lights and hushed sounds of flutes and rain, sore and tired I lay naked on her table, with my eyes closed, shutting out the world.

The healer knows me now. She sensed my state of mind with one glance.

She rubbed me down with sweet lavender to ease the aches and pains.

She read my body with her hands, worked the knots in my back, the tightness in my shoulders, and the stiffness in my neck.
As her hands moved she barely touched the sun spot over my left breast, but it triggered chaos: My lips quivered, and my eyes wept as a garbled sob escaped my throat. Uncomprehending, I felt my heart crack with a muffled wail.

She stilled; then moved one hand over my heart while the other reached for mine, and she waited until I could hear her breathing, a wordless comfort; an invitation to calm. I inhaled peace, and exhaled grief to her rhythm until reason seemed to return.

When the final sigh left with a stutter, she brought her hands to my face, wiped my tears gently with her fingers, air kissed a mother’s kiss above my forehead and smoothed my brow. Lastly, she cupped my ears and rubbed them with her thumbs; I felt an irrepressible smile come to my lips.

Eyes still shut to the outside world I was a child again, skipping in sunshine and carefree.

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Cloud watcher and dreamer sometimes wise, often foolish, but I am what I am.
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11 Responses to Cellular Memory and the Healer

  1. I started out deeply distracted by the image of you naked on a table and ended up not quite dry-eyed. A beautiful piece


  2. pjb1943 says:

    Hi Emm,
    I wouldn’t touch the above comments for anything!!!!! Really liked what you wrote, and the style you used, the imagery you invoked. Could close my eyes and almost feel myself on that table in your place. Very nice job.


  3. Thanks for your interest in my posts. Although I do not even come close to writing the way you do. I say a lot of things that probably should be left unsaid. But then it would not be me would it? I look forward to following your blog posts for some time to come.
    Again thank you


  4. mixedupmeme says:

    You know my little gems are pretty straight forward.
    No mysteries.
    No surprises.
    Read my stuff once and move on.
    It would be nice to be able to write something that one has to reread and reread to understand its deep meaning.
    That is why it has been several days before I am putting my like and my comment.

    And now that I have waited, I forgot just what it was that I was going to say.
    Probably something like:
    I’m glad I’m following your blog. 🙂


    • emmylgant says:

      Thank you so much for all that praise, Meme. I just write. Some of it is too intense and dense, I know, but all of it is an invitation to share the experience. Not necessarily mine, but the reader’s experience of similar feelings… But don’t sell yourself short! One cannot overstate the benefits and joy of listening to Meme sing and smile.


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