Because I could


I settled in the house around midday
Heart filled to bursting with joy.
I feasted on goat cheese and roasted peppers
Washed down with a local rosé and toasted to you, wherever you are,
Wishing you peace all the same
Because I could

After lunch I napped in the sunshine by the pool,
Under the watchful eye of ivy
Like a lizard, wrapped in warm
Oblivion because I could.

Later, the path and stairs to the side of the house
Took me straight to the deserted beach below.
She and I stared at each other for quite a while.
The water was barely inching up on the sand,
Hardly moving at all on the shallowest of breaths.
But when I started to look for driftwood and pebbles
She said that I intruded on her meditation; so I left.

Beach below

As the day was wrapping up I wandered through the old village,
Pebbles in my pocket, looking for a spot to watch the world
Go by and eat a little something.
I ended up in a familiar place, the Café Maxime since I could not afford La Petite Derive.
The throbbing, pulsating beat of the ambient music kept my feet tapping
but interfered with thoughts and eavesdropping.
I was in the mood for conversation and a wee bit of trouble
but neither one showed up, so I left.

When I returned home, I sat on the terrace
Surrounded by treetops and let the day gently slip away.
The sun had gone down leaving pinks, peaches and blues behind
While the Med just stood there wrapped in his colors,
Reflecting them in lighter shades,
And sent soft tinted ripples across the bay to St Tropez.

I stayed on the terrace until the silver sickle of the moon
Shone bright above the cedars,
And until the dusty pinks and the dirty blues faded into grey.
I listened to the noises drifting from the city
and then to the birds saying good night, going quiet,
falling asleep in the silence of their night.
I waited for the Med to sing me her lullaby,
but she wasn’t in the mood and ignored me.
Not the tiniest whisper of a wave came to tickle my ears.
I closed my eyes, breathed in the salty scents
Tinged with eucalyptus and an undetermined sweetness.

Then when all had gone still and darkness had fallen down the hill side
Covering everything, so that only the outline
of the Alep and parasol pines remained, I turned on my music
Let the ear buds pour their upbeat
Sounds and rhythms into and over me.

Invisible to all but a gentle night and stray stars
The inner little girl in pigtails and purple ribbons
Danced, sang, laughed,
Stomped, slid, swayed,
Wiggled, giggled and rocked
Because I could.

Ste Maxime beach 2

About emmylgant

Cloud watcher and dreamer sometimes wise, often foolish, but I am what I am.
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20 Responses to Because I could

  1. makagutu says:

    I must say you had a good time. I so want a holiday now at the beach, with no cares in the world except when I will have my next beer


    • emmylgant says:

      Smiling. Yes I did. Superbly bountiful in good feelings. Plan your holiday now my friend! Carpe diem and all that. Go to the beach unbuttoned and live arms wide open to the world.
      As you see, I am still bubbling…and babbling!


      • makagutu says:

        I should have a word with my boss about an immediate vacation. This idea sounds really good.
        And enjoy the beautiful and expansive seas and beaches and make merry.


  2. Alastair says:

    Sounds like it was a magnificent time


  3. Un jour, une vie, quelquefois c’est pareil, n’est pas?
    Ta petite histoire m’emballe, vraiment.


    • emmylgant says:

      Oui, c’est vrai… L’eternel dans l’ephemere? Plus ca change, plus c’est la meme chose?
      Mais mon aventure de pur bonheur continue encore un peu.
      Je me demande si il y a une molecule euphorique dans les vapeurs de la Med!
      Je suis contente de t’avoir amuse avec ma petite histoire.
      Merci pour le brillant superlatif.


  4. john zande says:

    That, my friend, was a First Thought experience.


  5. PapaBear says:

    Em, did I miss something in all this ??? Are you still alive…, or are you writing this from heaven? It at least sounds like Paradise. You’re obviously having a great time. Good for you !


  6. arjaybe says:

    The little girl inside has purple ribbons in her pigtails? I can see her dancing with that curious near-rhythm that children have, not giving a shit.-) Good she’s got you to take care of her.



    • emmylgant says:

      Yes she has purple ribbons in her pigtails, a white shirt with purple buttons and a little red skirt with a ruffle at the bottom and some tiny flowers all over it. My girl is always barefoot. 🙂
      We take care of each other. She reminds me of stuff that is real; I try to curb her impatience and soft feelings.
      She was dancing not giving a shit as you say. Had an absolute blast in the dark.


  7. Run out of superlatives. Magical


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