The Box – Alastair Photo Prompt

photo-fictionHe thinks she will be pleased. He found an exquisite pen in Chinatown and he’s sure she will love it.
He feels his pocket to make sure the box is still there.

He should have been home earlier, but oh well. She’s used to it.
He fumbles with his keys, drops them. Should have left the bar a couple shots ago.

He walks through the door into silence. He calls her name. May be she’s on the porch. He shouts louder. No answer. He goes from room to room.
Where is she? She should be here. Dinner on the table, waiting.

Anger wells as he sees the note; there is no excuse he thinks before he starts reading.

“Don’t try to find me… Call my lawyer…”

He crumples the letter and hurls the box against the wall. It smashes. The glass pen flies and shatters.

Another mess to clean up.

Written for Alastair’s Photo Fiction


About emmylgant

Cloud watcher and dreamer sometimes wise, often foolish, but I am what I am.
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24 Responses to The Box – Alastair Photo Prompt

  1. julespaige says:

    Oh, I have an Italian made glass pen…green. Not all that easy to use. But fun.
    But it won’t write at all when shattered. Very nice piece.
    Thanks for your visit.


  2. RoSy says:

    I guess…she wasn’t used to it 😉


  3. nightlake says:

    He thinks he can pacify and ignore her at his own will.. He probably learnt his lesson. A well-told story


    • emmylgant says:

      Or perhaps he rejoiced that she was finally out of his hair? Hmmm. That would be another story, wouldn’t it?
      Thank you Nightlake, I appreciate your comment.


  4. PapaBear says:

    “Oh, well, she’s used to it”. NOT !!! No one ever “gets used to” being ignored. Liked this one a lot, Emm. Great little short read.


  5. themodernidiot says:

    who the hell makes glass pens? 😉


  6. makagutu says:

    Did she leave the lawyer’s number or this is known?

    So he was a loser and just when he wanted to make things right she quits! How sad 😦


  7. Et la montagne vient a Mahomet!


  8. Alastair says:

    It’s hard to walk out from domestic abuse whether that is physical or mental. A good story Emmy. Thanks for taking part 🙂


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