On Quiet Mornings

I relish quiet early mornings
When the world wakes up
Comes into the light and greets me.
I savor the abundance and exuberance of life at play.
I hear stories carried on the wind
Passed from tree to tree in a rustle of leaves.

In those quiet moments where silence has no room,
Where music and rhythm are sketched
On flutters of wings and warbled counterpoints,
Where flowers vibrate their fragrance in wanton shades,
Where the sweetness of the air pooling around lavender
And mysterious weeds lingers on my skin,
I know that I am of the earth, air and water;
That it is all stardust and wonder.

In those quiet moments,
Before the essential is rushed by the mundane,
There is nothing but joy and beauty.

Mysterious weed

About emmylgant

Cloud watcher and dreamer sometimes wise, often foolish, but I am what I am.
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31 Responses to On Quiet Mornings

  1. nirbhayasindia says:

    You are like me in your anonymity, yet I don’t like it.


  2. Your best. So beautifully written. I just love early morning and you’ve captured it perfectly.


  3. Lady Lovely says:

    This is beautiful. The ending, made my heart smile.


  4. PapaBear says:

    The last 3 lines say it all for me, Emm.


  5. arjaybe says:

    I was going to post something here but my mother keeps phoning to be sure I pick up the correct hearing aid batteries for her. It was quiet a few hours ago.-)



  6. themodernidiot says:

    warbled counterpoints-high five


  7. makagutu says:

    Wow! I look forward to such mornings too.


  8. Tu vois, tu sens, tu comprends, tu ecris, tu crees la magie pour nous enchanter.
    Tu es formidable.


    • emmylgant says:

      Tu es toujours la pour moi et tes compliments me touchent beaucoup. Merci
      Formidable… J’accumule les superlatifs et je les mets dans une petite boite aux tresors pour les jours pluvieux 🙂


  9. john zande says:

    earth, air and water… no fire? You made Vulcan sad.


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