Old Flames

peaches and pinks

Fallen bougainvillea blossoms
Run and tumble down the alley
In a soft rattle, pushed by a breeze
Wings of happy thoughts
Laughing as they roll
Chattering on the move…

Sprites’ hats or purses
Even skirts for some
Peaches and soft pinks blend
Like petals of fading roses
Yet a beauty of their own
Eclipses the standard

In early spring, the blooms
Arrested attention demanded
A marveled hungry visual exploration
Of their vibrant hues of passion
As they reached for the sun

Now cut off from the wood
That fed them they still hold promises
In quiet subtle shades of softness
They call for a touch to hear
The whispers of pages turning

In their faded pinks of sunsets
They still invite dreamy wishes
Like old flames fondly remembered.

Old flames

About emmylgant

Cloud watcher and dreamer sometimes wise, often foolish, but I am what I am.
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16 Responses to Old Flames

  1. Willy Nilly says:

    In their faded pinks of sunsets
    They still invite dreamy wishes
    Like old flames fondly remembered.
    This just finished me an Willy. We actually sighed in two-part harmony. Wee dragons are so sentimental. I suppose I am as well 🙂


    • emmylgant says:

      Wee dragons are irresistible! And you may be too, I don’t know… In any case, I am so glad that you stopped by and sang the song of faded, and yet lovely shades of old flames.
      And I am thrilled to bits that the song made you sigh.


  2. PapaBear says:

    Ah, such a beautiful portrait you paint with your words, Emm, from the wonder of a spring sunrise, to the rosy glow of sunset…, marvelous !!!


  3. john zande says:

    Bougainvillea are sprites hats… So perfect!


  4. themodernidiot says:

    Dude it looks like grapefruit on my phone lol


    • themodernidiot says:

      Haha “chattering on the move” they really do! Great observation. Hey what are those ga-roovy plants next to the b’villea? Looks like a kind of a cactus-weed we get here.


      • emmylgant says:

        Aww, come on!! Time to get glasses or a new phone dude! My pix weren’t that bad.
        Not a cacti. It’s an herb with a very woody stem. It smells a little like sage and something else quite strong. It’s not wormwood, but it is in the artemisia (what? genus? family? not sure).
        Oh, and thank you. 🙂


        • themodernidiot says:

          Ooh artemisia, I love that stuff.
          New phone for def! The close up of the leaves looked like grapefruit meat, which made me hungry for grapefruit I did not have. Tragic.


  5. Suzanne Richmond says:

    Love it!!


  6. Completement sublime.


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