Snow Sky

snow sky

A snow sky covers me.
Smooth flannel of hushed sounds
Shelters stray thoughts.
Long unheeded shrouded evidence
Gently folds in silence.

Unease in the stillness of sounds,
In the quiet and round absence.
A hiccup in the heart,
A faint hesitation,
As a feather softly falls, falters,
And slices through dead dreams.

Memories of summer,
Of sunshine and daisies,
Of smiles so sweet and water so clear,
Of music unending and wine flowing,
Of peaches and flavors
To set the heart dancing,
Flood the bracing cold.

There is a weakness in my defense,
A fissure in the mortar,
A crack in the stone,
A breach in the wall…

Is it time that changes everything,
Or secrets and fevered wishes,
Insolent indifference,
Thwarted good intentions,
Or failed expectations?

Was it the flap of a dove’s wings,
The sound of a penny dropping,
Or the breath of a butterfly
That shook my ramparts
And reduced them to rubble?

Fire burns in the hearth.
Night falls on icy winds.
Cause and effect momentum
Carries hot, unaware cinders
Of a forsaken love into darkness.
A snow sky covers my soul.


About emmylgant

Cloud watcher and dreamer sometimes wise, often foolish, but I am what I am.
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11 Responses to Snow Sky

  1. Incroy*******able!
    Un chef-d’oeuvre!

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  2. Suzanne Richmond says:

    Just love the last paragraph! Well Done!

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  3. PapaBear says:

    It’s none of the above, Emm…, it’s just winter! 🙂


  4. makagutu says:

    well done my friend.

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