vanilla beam

Every day magic
ordinary wonder…

cover the sky
in confused layers
and altitudes.

And yet,
in this chaos
of molten greys
winter sun
a bright white spot,
shines sunbeams upwards
and points to
a creamy well
of luminous

In an evanescent
wrapped in
Mimosa yawns
and cooed
dove conversations,
a cool
iridescent cloud
edged in sweet tiny pink stitches,
on his way
out of sight…

What is one to do
but smile and wave back?



About emmylgant

Cloud watcher and dreamer sometimes wise, often foolish, but I am what I am.
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13 Responses to Daybreak

  1. PapaBear says:

    You never cease to amaze me with the artistry of your words, Emm. C’est magnifique !!! 🙂

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  2. arjaybe says:

    Yes! Smile and wave back.-)

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  3. Suzanne Richmond says:



  4. makagutu says:

    At daybreak is an opportunity to start a fresh. Repeat the mistakes of the previous day and to find joy in what is possible


  5. ceayr says:

    Poetic perfection.
    No one, but no one, does this like you, Em.


  6. john zande says:


    We’ve just had a week of rain. Belting down rain, constant… yet today the sky is blue and the air is crisp.

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