Nothing Finer than a 29er

Cavalaire in English

20160325_172140This week end Cavalaire is invaded by young fresh smiling faces.
The Eurocup 29er Regatta is underway.
Sailing teams descend on our town.
Cafés and restaurants push tables together, feed hungry young sailors, families, friends and fans.

Your not so intrepid roving half-correspondent went for a walk along the Promenade late yesterday and watched a ballet of sails in the bay.
Then I moseyed to l’École de Voile, the Sailing School, where sails, masts, and what looks like a confused mass of people occupy the beach.
Laughter and voices fuse in multiple languages.
I play a solitaire game of linguistic recognition…

It is Easter weekend and our main beach comes to life again with this new energy, a sense of renewed strength and optimism, a foretaste of spring.

This week contestants trickled in.
They registered and practiced, crisscrossed the bay in small flotillas.
They tested the waters, checked the equipment…

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Cloud watcher and dreamer sometimes wise, often foolish, but I am what I am.
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3 Responses to Nothing Finer than a 29er

  1. Hyperion says:

    Sigh…I’m jealous, Em, but thankful for the colorful scene you painted for me and the pictures to go along. 😀


  2. Dear Emmy,

    You made me feel like I was there. (I wish). I love ‘solitaire game of linguistic recognition.’



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