This week, Friday Fictioneers, hosted by Rochelle proposes a shiny prompt for a 100 words story. When I saw Roger Bultot‘s photo I thought of the striations on a boule de pétanque, clear as day. Every little town  in Provence, including Medville, has a court where everybody meets, gossips, and plays…

Thanks C.E Ayr for the inspiration. There’s no one like you!




A wail of sirens tears the morning light as he’s crossing the boules court.
Another tragedy he thinks as an aroma of fresh bread tickles his nose.
Shadows of leaves splash façades and windows.
Delivery doors roll up and slam shut.
Sea haze covers the sky in moody strands.
Munching on his baguette, he takes in familiar faces, greeting all with a word, a nod or a smile.
He loves this place. Paradise he answers when asked. 
The only problem is I live here, she said long ago.
He didn’t believe it then.
She’s not a problem now.
Pool accidents are common here.

About emmylgant

Cloud watcher and dreamer sometimes wise, often foolish, but I am what I am.
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30 Responses to Shadows

  1. ceayr says:

    Hey, I did kill someone this week after all!
    Great story, Em, your poet’s soul shines through, even as you gurgle your last.
    But seriously, a beautifully written piece.

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  2. oglach says:

    Impressive that you able to weave the sound of the sirens and the closing of doors in with the easy pleasures of the morning without alarming the reader. (Or at least this one, anyway). And then the trap snaps shut. All in one hundred words. I enjoyed your story very much.


    • emmylgant says:

      Glad you enjoyed it oglach. I learned a lot from the pack of writers on Friday Fictioneers . Ceayr is the master of the ‘drop dead’ last line that blows you out of the water!
      I usually have over 200 wds when I draft a tale; then it is slash, cut and whittle! A challenge for a long-winded scribbler. 😉

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  3. Al says:

    Haha I love it. Brilliant. I can see C.E> getting his inspiration like this. Well done Em.


  4. That was an unexpected end!


  5. Iain Kelly says:

    Excellent sinister twist. Up until that point I was enjoying my happy stroll through the village!

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  6. john zande says:

    A little murder on Thursday, always nice 😉


  7. gahlearner says:

    Two people meandering through Medville murdering people in delightful ways, what fun. I especially like the switch from tragedy to deliciously smelling baguette.

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  8. wmqcolby says:

    ZING! Now we know, don’t we? Nice one, Emmy. 😀

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  9. Michael Wynn says:

    Nicely turned tale and reminded me of so many places in France.

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    • emmylgant says:

      I’m pleased that you enjoyed it Michael.
      Yes, Medville is like any other small town in France mostly built after WWII. It’s the people who make the place. And of course the light, the mountains, and the Med that make it magic (not necessarily in that order).


  10. Dear Emmy,

    I can see Mr. Ayr’s influence loud and clear there. There’s definitely no one else like him. A wonderfully written piece.



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  11. liz young says:

    This is chilling, though I’m not sure why, which means I shall have to read it again! Well done 🙂

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  12. Oh I do love the hint of a murder… after all pools are common… and it could be slippery when wet.

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  13. PapaBear says:

    Well, Emm, accidents will happen, won’t they? I didn’t even see the guillotine till I saw my head rolling down the street past the bagel shop! Beautifully done. ……………. Hugs. 🙂


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