Magic Potion


Photo credit: hlkljgk via / CC BY-SA

A storm of steam rises
in arabesques from my coffee cup.
Curls and loops soar.

In a ray of sunlight,
exuberant spirals
and dizzy mobius strips
dance in rolls
and pulses.

Entwined ribbons unfurl,
fold, lift,
sink to the heat
with a cold breath of air,
but rise again.

Billows of silk,
bitter and sweet, escape
in waves of sublimation.

In this glorious sunbeam,
a powder of light,
a barely-there gold galaxy
stretches outward
then dissipates
in blue shade.

Blissful awareness now,
pale memory next,
then wishful attention…

But the wonder ends
when the sun hides
and the coffee tepid.

Yet I still drink the potion
of leftover magic.

swirls by Zani

About emmylgant

Cloud watcher and dreamer sometimes wise, often foolish, but I am what I am.
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19 Responses to Magic Potion

  1. Dear Emmy,

    Morning coffee is the poetry that engages my mind. I love that you wax poetic about a shared passion. Lovely writing.




  2. oglach says:

    Brilliant and beautiful

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  3. ceayr says:

    A magically melodic swirling dreamscape of delirious delights, man, that caffeine is good stuff.
    Superb as always, no need for sugar.
    No one does almost surreality like you do.

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    • emmylgant says:

      What a mellifluous comment that is! It just slides on the delightful ‘ds’. Thank you.
      I don’t know if it’s the caffeine or the chicory added or the funny glasses…
      As you often said, I see what I want to see. 😉


  4. arjaybe says:

    Chasing the ephemeral. Capturing the ineffable in a net made of words. To see galaxies in a swirl of steam.

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    • emmylgant says:

      You know me so well!
      I struggled to describe what I saw, the beauty of the steam doing what the laws of physics can explain and the patterns repeated elsewhere in the natural world. To see galaxies in a flattened out, domed swirl was enchanting. I could see teeny-tiny golden orbs move in unison for a nanosecond. The sun’s angle was just right for the experience. A winter sun, low on the horizon, fighting his way through clouds, and no wind, just a puff of air every once in a while.
      There is always magic somewhere when you’re looking and you find it when you forget you are looking.;-)


  5. PapaBear says:

    Good grief, Emm !!! You can sure milk a cup of coffee for a lot of words. But you forgot the cream and sugar !! Hahaha ! 🙂


  6. Love it!! Such beautiful descriptions… I feel like I am floating on coffee mist.


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