Easter thoughts

Because it is Easter and cause for reflection, I thought I’d share a poem from Billy Collins who has a knack for treading lightly, yet ripples through my mind long after reading.

A wink to John Zande, Ark, and Mak.



It has been calculated that each copy of the Gutenberg Bible… required the skins of 300 sheep.
–from an article on printing

I can see them squeezed into the holding pen
behind the stone building
where the printing press is housed,

all of them squirming around
to find a little room
and looking so much alike

it would be nearly impossible
to count them,
and there is no telling

which one will carry the news
that the Lord is a shepherd,
one of the few things they already know.

Billy Collins—The trouble with poetry

image https://www.farmersweekly.co.za/animals/sheep-goats/

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13 Responses to Easter thoughts

  1. john zande says:

    Em! Hope all is well! 🙂

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  2. ceayr says:

    Jings, that is a powerful piece.


  3. Happy holidays, Emmy.




  4. arjaybe says:

    Paradox. Evil in the name of good. We’re the sheep in that parable, aren’t we?

    I’m not that good with poetry, but I think something that says a lot with so few words must be good.

    You know how to find the good stuff, M.


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    • emmylgant says:

      Unfortunately it seems to me that, all things considered, every “advancement” for humanity manages to bring us to the “inhumane”, which by now has lost its meaning.
      Paradox indeed.
      Yes we are sheep. Or sheeple as Mak says
      Glad you liked this good stuff.
      I’m afraid I left a comment for the Plainsrunner on the wrong page (Oliveronline). So I went back and copied it on your site.
      I am enjoying the ride rjb!


  5. makagutu says:

    Poor sheep!
    It’s good to see you Em. Been long. How are you?


  6. Hyperion says:

    Hi Em! I wander too far away at times, but always find my way back to the very best of the All Web Thing here.


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