This week, our gracious host Rochelle invites Friday Fictioneers to step right in and tell a story in 100 words, prompted by Magaly Guerrero‘s inspiring photograph. Thank you Magaly.


Wearing the exasperation her movie star sunglasses can’t hide, the woman leaves the bank, checks her phone, and marches to the car way ahead of her distracted, prattling four-year-old.

Gramma sewed me a pree-tty pink skirt with lots of gold stars right on top of my sister’s old dress…
I got pink barrettes and pink flip-flops too. I’m co-or-d’nate… and mamma’s princess purse with the gold chain and shiii-nyy colors goes with that too

Then she spots the magic puddle and stomps in.

I’m makin’ bubbles and walkin’ on diamonds.

–Come on!! I don’t have all day!!!
The girl strolls to the rumbling car.

A princess ne-veeer hurries.

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