Life is but a dream

I am a stowaway this week on Sunday Photo Fiction hosted by Al Forbes. My mind went to the Titanic at first, then to Three Men in a Boat, and down the river from there.

Thank you Al, your photo inspired me to wade in with 200 words.
Please follow this link to see what othersĀ  have written and give it a try.
We all have boat stories somewhere

Life is but a dream

Row, row your boat,

Singing lustily in one voice, Lily and Pete, born six months apart, friends forever, use a laundry basket as a boat in the living room.
Their ship rocks in a storm and capsizes in a tumble of giggles and tangled limbs.

Gently down the stream,

Lily is quiet, desperate to be good.
Pete, is rambunctious, impulsive, always in trouble.


She reads and draws rainbows.
He builds castles with Lincoln logs and guns with blue Legos
She will be a ballerina and he a cowboy.


She is patient with him.
He, always gentle with her.
She goes to school.
He hops from job to job.


Lily is a nurse and a missionary in Nicaragua, spreading comfort with luminous smiles.
Bone-weary one sweltering evening filled with bugs, pain and darkness, she goes on a solitary walk.
The night swallows her at 24.


He is a fisherman off the Bering straits, at war with God and seas.
Wet and cold for weeks, crazed with fatigue, he laughs, loses his moorings, and rushes to tie a rogue crate.
A black wave rips him off the icy deck at 26.

Life is but a dream.

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